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Meet the U-SUK Team!


superadmin, owner, webmaster, modder, builder and dev.

John from Manchester - Superadmin/ owner, perpetual bambi, ballbag.


Admin, Manager, Spokesman, Media, social media, RECRUITMENT.

James from Belfast - Social Manager, server admin, bullet sponge, bellend.

Who are we? We're just a bunch of degenerates from the UK who have been obsessed with playing DayZ for way too long now.

Now that DayZ is released, we thought we'd come back and try to recapture the heady days of fully populated server, with active friendly admins and crazy events giving away great prizes like free games to our user base. The battles we used to have...

We've added the mods to the server that we like and think are cool and we've also made some changes to the map and the zombies to keep it fresh.

It would be appreciated if you would play on our server and help us to make this a great community again. You'll be made very welcome.

Join us on our Discord at: https://discord.gg/APWKQjN

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