Urban-Salt UK

Rules  and Regulations

The following rules are accepted by every player on the server:

1. The admins are always right.


2. No Hacking. It's just shit for everyone.

3. No Glitching or duping or any other exploits of the game engine. Don't make us come over there.

4. No being a dick. Just don't.

5. Be a sport. Bad losers suck the sunshine from our hearts, although those salty tears are pretty good.

6. Base building is fun. We encourage it. Don't go crazy though blocking off good looting zones, we'll tear your base down, sorry.

7. No pretending to be an admin. Real admins don't like it.

8. No shitty characters in your username. You look like a hacker. See rule number 2.

9. If you die and lose your gear, cry to an admin. We like the taste of your salty tears. It's our raison d'être. It's why we're called Urban -Salt UK. Salt and the City baby.

10. In the event that the admin may be wrong, see rule number 1.

11. Fun is mandatory. If it ain't fun, go knit a jumper or watch South Park.

We don't like banning people so don't make us do it.
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