U-SUK DayZ Server Members

Dr. Killed By Death (VIP+)

The most prolific DayZ fanatic since the game was made. The most active player on the server and The VIPiest  VIP in VIPville.

[MCK] Jeyy

Not seen since '17. Never played with us much anyway. Meh.


Still around here somewhere. One of the saltiest members.


Missing presumed dead. Last seen screaming in a hole somewhere in the Mekon Delta.


[USUK] Diddyx86

He came, munched a few victims then disappeared into the woods beyond Zelenogorsk. Don't ask.



Missing in Action since 2017. Last seen running into Tisy with a wolfpack chomping on his bertux. Presumed eaten.


Blue Dragon

Last online 17 hours ago. Does he still play DayZ? Well we wish he fucking would.


Molotov (VIP)

Still exists out there. Waiting. Playing fucking farming simulator. (!?)


Changed his name to protect the innocent. Will probably come back if more people play on here.


Grayslander (VIP)

Still around. Came back for a look in 2019. Are you gunna stay Gray? Guess not eh? Meh. Balls to ye.

[USUK] PacMan

Pinochet 1973. Last seen somewhere near Lopatino. Presumed to have left in a salty huff.


AKA aidschick. Still alive somewhere, albeit with a severely diminished immune ability.


Judgemental Hand

Judging me, judging you

ah ha.

Still around on Steam being highly judgmental.


Sam (VIP)
Sam (VIP)

Missing in Action since 2017. Last seen de-spawning in an off-road hatchback after crashing into those pissy yellow lights at the NWAF.


#The Problem (VIP)

Last seen in a bunker shouting at generals. Always liked himself a bit of a kampf.


PlantPot (VIP)

Last seen in '17. Missing, presumed a tree by now.


Still around on Steam.  Last seen 3 hours ago. He only played on here because of Dave ^^. We'd have you back in a heartbeat though F&C.



Missing presumed dead. Last seen entering an inter-dimensional portal with a green-skinned lady of negotiable affection.



Still around on Steam. Playing DayZ somewhere else. Meh. Now you're making me salty.



It's George so it is. He'll be on soon so he will.


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